Player for the songs: Sing to Jehovah (ZIP-file here) updated version
You need to download all the songs, unpack them, then when starting iasnPlayer select the folder where you saved the songs and you are ready to sing!
Should work with all languages available at:

KHSound 2.0 update February 13 2016 (ZIP-file here)
Update 2016-02-13: Support for additional filename format for the songs!
CD/DVD Burner is no longer included.

New in recorder: Graphical buttons, Pause, Length of recording and Warning when pressing stop.
A simple to use program for playing our songs and record the meetings to MP3, also included is a timer for the Ministry School, player for the orchestral version of our songs, and NEW in this version: Playque for the 3 songs of the meeting, selection of what songs to include in the player for music before/after the meeting, added German language, now I support English, Swedish, French, German, Danish, Finnish and Portugese.

I'm happy to see that a lot of my fellow worshippers around the world have found this site and probably have started using the program, I'd like to encourage you to send me feedback on your usage, and also just let me know what you think of the program.
I would also appriciate it very much if someone could assist in translating the program to more languages and help me improving the current English translation.
Use this mail address:

Manual for Kingdom Hall Player Recorder 2.0